Profiting With Sophistication: How To Revive A Dead Brand

When it comes to making sure that your business is consistently profitable it is critical that you remember the key to your success is the positioning of your brand. Marketing and branding are completely different elements of business, but they also work simultaneously. One can’t work without the other. Your brand is nothing without sophisticated marketing and your marketing is nothing without your brand being strategically positioned. If you’re on social media, you’re out there networking your butt off, and feel like you’re doing everything to make yourself and your brand visible, but you’re still not seeing your virtual cash register ring with sales, your brand is more than likely in the dead zone and it’s time to jump out, like really quick. It’s ok to not know that you’re in the dead zone, but it’s definitely not ok to stay there. Follow these 5 steps and you’ll be on your way to brand revival in no time.


Create your ideal client persona

I like to call them my crazy, sexy, cool client squad because it gives my target audience a new crew which brings them to life and makes me excited to attract them and it’s the only opportunity you have to put all of your ideal clients in one place. Which will ultimately lead to BIG profits. The purpose of creating your ideal client persona and why you want to do this before anything else is because in order for your marketing and branding to work, you must know whom you are trying to attract in the first place. If you’re a corporate consultant looking to attract corporate clients and your branding is super bright with crazy colors and your marketing is fun and quirky, you will see little to no results in anything you put forward. You want your ideal clients to take one look at your content and say YES, I want to know so much more about her. Take some time and create your ideal client persona. Name her if you like. It makes it more real for you also. How old are they? Where do they work? Where do they live? How much money do they make? What are their interests? What are their biggest struggles when it comes to what you are offering? How much are they willing to spend? What causes them to take action? Know exactly who you are looking to attract and you will eventually attract them.



Make tweaks to your brand if needed

Once you have gained clarity on whom you are looking to attract, you may or may not need a few tweaks or maybe a complete brand overhaul. You may want to refresh your logo, website, color schemes, and your content to cater to the new influx of ideal clients that will be coming to your door. You have to prepare for them the same as a pregnant mommy preparing the home for her new baby. Once you begin sending traffic back to your website and your offers, you want your ideal clients to stop and pay close attention. If you’re using the same things you previously had with a new ideal client or customer in mind, again your efforts may be very short-lived. Decide on what changes need to be made, make them so you can move on and start making the money you deserve.



Create Exclusivity factors

What the difference between a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and a pair of Steve Madden shoes? The difference is that only a small percentage of consumers can afford to spend one thousand dollars on just a pair of shoes. Both great brands. Both have a large fan base that purchase their shoes, but the difference between the two is that Christian Louboutin purposely put his shoes in the luxury bracket which instantly gave it what the marketing world calls an “exclusivity factor”. An exclusivity factor is nothing other than making your product or service available to a certain group of people. This can be anything from a very high price point to a very rigorous application process to be considered. Think of golf and country clubs. Trying to rent an apartment in certain prestigious buildings in New York City. Being on a waiting list for a Hermes Belt. Why this works? Simple psychology. The human mind wants what you tell it, it can’t have. They love a challenge. If you tell me not everyone can have this, one I want to know why that is and two, I want to know how I can be one of those special people to get one period. People like to feel important and by setting exclusivity factors on your offers, you are allowing your ideal clients to feel highly sophisticated and important. Two very critical elements to making a lot of money, online or off.


Switch up your marketing strategy

Chances are you’ve probably been using the same marketing strategies over and over again, not checking your results and hoping that it will work soon. Marketing is a very funny thing, it can screw you and it can serve you. Not all marketing is good marketing contrary to what you may have heard. Using any old marketing strategy that doesn’t serve your brand or represent you can set your brand on a path to destruction. What I do love about marketing is that you get the choose. So you don’t have to be boring, you don’t have to follow the crowd, and you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. Try thinking outside of the box when it comes to your marketing to start seeing different results. Have you been on social media for a while with no results, try researching another platform that may be more fun to you and you actually want to post daily. Sick of social media period and you don’t want to post another picture, print marketing in not dead. With the celebration of your brand revival, get some pretty postcards or brochures printed and hit the town to do some networking and mingle face to face with other professionals. Map out the bookstores in town and spend time in the business section giving out your promotional materials. Create referral programs and bring on dedicated brand ambassadors. Start coloring outside the marketing lines and watch your hot leads start pouring in.



Create signature products

Bethanny Frankel, Vera Wang, Sara Blakely, Jackie Collins. Four Completely different women in completely different industries but they all have one thing in common and that is they all have a signature brand. Something that speaks for them, who they are, what they represent, and what they believe in. No matter what industry you belong to, every business owner and entrepreneur should invest in creating a signature brand. A signature brand can be anything from a signature product, a signature course or a signature accessory. Anything that makes you stand out as the person who created something because you believed in something is mandatory. Not just a business name but a signature. A statement to the world that this is yours. Think about it. You have a million marketing messages coming through every single minute, if not second. Who would you rather hear from and buy from? Someone who is known for his or her signature brand on a topic you want to learn about or just some random claiming to be an expert? Would you rather take a make-up class by an unknown makeup artist of a makeup class by Bobbi Brown herself? The majority would choose the latter. Investing in a signature brand creation is by far the best marketing investment you could ever make because it gives you the three most critical factors in growing a business and that’s visibility, credibility, and most importantly profitability.


When it comes to business it can seem pretty chaotic with so many elements to put into place. But your ability to profit consistently depends on the positioning of your brand in the market. Focus on making your brand profitably positioned and you will be profiting and marketing with sophistication in no time.

Adriana Langford is the chief editor at the Profit Girl Insider. A marketing and profit strategist teaching women entrepreneurs how to market and profit with sophistication.