Relationship Discussion: What To Do If Your Partner Will Not Support Your Dreams

You’ve got dreams and they’re huge! While your dreams may excite you, they may or may not excite your mate, yet, you’ll chase them anyway until you see them come into fruition. When your partner just does not share your vision it isn’t the easiest thing to accept. Finding out that the one that you spend your days and nights with, and share deep discussions with is unable to understand your passion can ultimately be frustrating. What to do when your partner does not support you in your dreams?While you may feel that your relationship is at jeopardy because of this common issue, there are still things to consider. Take into consideration these 8 things that can be done when your partner doesn’t seem to support your dreams.
1. Consider Every Outcome. Have you truly considered every outcome in regards to pursuing your dreams? The outcome of pursuing your dreams is more than likely a major concern of your partner. If you succeed as you have envisioned, how would it affect your life. Also, if you do not succeed as you have envisioned, how will it affect your life? Consider these outcomes and be open about them with your partner.
2. Invite Them Into Your World. As you are making moves and doing the necessary tasks to put the pieces of your goals together, invite your partner along for a moment or day into what it is that you do. Allow them to experience, soak in, and understand the time and value that you put into pursuing your dreams.
3. Make Up Your Mind. At the end of the day, there is a decision to make. The fact is, you have a partner who is a bit skeptical of your dreams, and you are still willing to go for what you want. After considering all of the options, make up your mind: will you put a rest to your dreams, or will you continue on? Make your decision in spite of all of the obstacles and keep it moving! Read 4-8 on … did we miss anything??? What would YOU do? comment below!