Relationship Discussion: Would You Marry Yourself? Well, One Woman Did!

What do you do when your ideal love life has not yet planned out as you had expected it to? When faced with this issue, Yasmin Eleby decided to take matters into her own hands. Eleby decided that the time was right to present life-long vows to…herself. That’s right, Yasmin Eleby went through with a full blown marriage ceremony inclusive of all of the classic wedding features and lavish details.

Yasmin Eleby, 40, put a time limit on her love life, vowing that if she had not been married by the age of 40, then she would commence with a self-marriage ceremony. When her 40th birthday came along, Eleby decided not to retreat from her promise. In an interview with ABC News, Eleby explained her decision: “I’d been saying a few years that if I hadn’t gotten married by the time I was 40, I’d just have a wedding by myself. I decided I didn’t want it to be a joke. I wanted to have a celebration of myself. My wedding was going to be about me making a commitment to love myself, to honor myself and to know my self-worth.

Earlier this month, Eleby chose the Houston Museum of African American Culture to hold her wedding to herself. A total of 160 friends, family members, supporters, and a rumored two exes attended the event and partook in celebration with the bride who was “given away” by her mother. Eleby’s marriage to herself was based on the principles of self love and commitment, and she is well aware that her decision was considered pitiful, desperate, ridiculous, and a waste by many people. However, Mrs. Eleby doesn’t buy into the opinions. She revealed her reaction to the opinions and her current love life to ABC News:

If they don’t understand the concept of self-love, I really don’t know what to say to them. I have no words but, ‘I am fabulous.’ What I want people to take away from this is that they are worthy of love and forgiveness no matter what they’ve done in the past.

I don’t know if marriage is in the future or not. I’ve thought that about my past relationships, but they all ended amicably because they just weren’t going.

Would you consider getting married to yourself?