Relax, Darling: 8 Tips to Help Improve Your Work-Life Balance

1. Listen to Yourself. In order to improve your work-life balance, the first thing you need to do is find out what is causing your work-life balance to suffer. Could you be putting to much pressure on yourself? Do you need to get up a bit earlier? Seek the problem and plan to make it easier on yourself.
2. Prioritize. A major part in improving your work-life balance is getting your priorities in order. Prioritizing is a matter of tackling daily tasks and responsibilities in order of importance. Prioritizing allow you to stay on top of responsibilities and avoid falling behind. Try making a list or utilizing a planner.

3. Develop Non-Negotiable Activities. If you have been skimping out lately on personal time, enjoying a fun activity, or even spending time with your family, now is the time to “put your foot down”. Make a decision that these activities that are so important to you and your life will get done no matter how busy you get and no matter how many responsibilities creep up. Schedule these special activities into your agenda as if they were as important as your professional affairs…because they are!

4. Get Organized. Getting organized can make a world of difference when it comes to improving your work-life balance. By de-cluttering your work and home space, developing a system that complements your lifestyle, and making an effort to finally get organized, it takes less time to get work done lessens the likelihood of stress and chaos.

5. Learn to Say “NO”. As we take on so many responsibilities, it can be hard to refuse certain demands that other people expect of us. If you feel that pushing yourself to the limit in your professional life is taking a toll on your personal life, then it may be time to work up the strength to simply say NO

6. Seek Help Where Possible. Everyone could use a little help at times. As a woman who constantly gets things done, you may be afraid that others may not be able to deliver the same results as you, but it’s okay to give up responsibilities to those who are able. Relax! You deserve it. Let go of the perfection sometimes and enjoy the ride.