Serena Williams Talks Balancing Career and Business

Serena Williams recently sat down with BlackEnterprise.com to discuss balancing her tennis career as well as running multiple businesses. The multifaceted sports-preneur shared some great advice on how she is able to be successful in business in addition to maintaining her position as one of the world’s top athletes.

When I am competing and training I am 100% focused. But I love being an entrepreneur and love working with other entrepreneurs on products and projects that are meaningful. Making time for that work is important and energizing. It is a balance, but one that I enjoy.

Williams is currently the brand ambassador and partner in MISSION, an innovative athletic wear company which combines technology, comfort, style and durability to improve sports performance. Williams is also an investor in Mayvenn, a hair extensions company which allows hair stylists to earn extra income by selling human hair extensions and hair care products.

Balancing a career along with running a successful business is definitely something our Boss Chick readers can relate to. As Serena pointed out, time management as well as having a genuine passion for both is important. You should never feel like you are neglecting one for the other. What are some ways you have been able to juggle being an entrepreneur in addition to working a 9 to 5? Feel free to share in the comments below.



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