Shateria Moragne-EL Shares Valuable Advice On Starting a Career In Fashion

Baltimore native Shateria Moragne-El recently sat down with media personality Maya Walker to discuss the latest with her Frontrow clothing line and how she started her career in fashion. Shateria says moving to New York was a pivotal moment in her fashion career because of the networking opportunities that were available to her. She started out as a stylist and was able to debut her clothing line during NYFW in ’13 with the help of veteran stylist Misa Hylton. Shateria also shared some valuable advice for all of the small town girls out there with big city dreams:

First and foremost you must put God first. Secondly, you must be in an area where this is popping. You can not be in an place where you can’t grow. A lot of us are from small towns, but I just feel like you must be in a major city and go extremely hard. Between having faith and putting yourself in the right position to be able to meet people and network, how can you fail if that’s your passion?

You’re going to make a way, you’re going to find a way to get to your destination and that’s just the bottom line. Nowadays, it’s much easier because of all of the social media outlets that help you network. Even if you are in a small town you can always see what’s going on in the world, be inspired, dream big and then go after it.

On what inspired Frontrow: I wanted to create something that represents the confident, cool chick. I said, I’m going to call it Frontrow because that represents confidence. If you’re in the front row you have to bring your confidence, you have to bring your A game. I said to myself, it’s going to be chic, it’s going to be comfy, it’s going to be cool.

On how she developed her fashion line: I have this big sketch book. And I would write every idea down. Colors, fabrics, even the songs that play at my fashion show. I am always thinking, what can I do to stand out and make my brand amazing?

On where she sees front row going in the next 5 years. Way up. Saturn up. We’re going all the way up. I don’t like to box myself in, at all. I just feel like you can’t put a restriction on creativity.

Shateria’s Frontrow SS16 Row A Seat 3 collection is definitely a collection that speaks for itself. The frontrow girl wouldn’t need much to pull off Shateria’s designs. No accessories needed. View some the looks from the Front Row SS16 below including the crowd favorite Chocolate Leather Pleated Dress and the Frontrow “Rain Down” Jacket.

shateria front row 2

shateria front row


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