How One CEO Used Social Media & $20.00 to Start A Six Figure Business

From the desk of a CEO that wants to encourage you. I sat down interviewed her and she wanted you to know how she started her business with just social media & $20.00 & how you can too. start online boutique

So you know how everyone thinks it takes A LOT of money to make money? Well that wasn’t the case with the first company I created. I used to read about Social Media Marketing years ago. I was the one who subscribed to all of the Black Enterprise, Money Making, Network Marketing, Entrepreneurs, Inc., and Success magazines. It seemed as though every eye waking moment, that was free, was spent on reading and absorbing new wisdom. It was like my brain could not hold enough. It wasn’t until 2011 I began to test the waters with what I had been reading for so many years. I often wondered if social media was what they said it would be in a few years. I knew that I could take what I was learning and apply it to my social media pages and see what happened from there. So I did and this is what happened…
I began to post inspirational thoughts and quotes that I created as personal statuses. Not knowing I was becoming my own gardner by planting seeds. People began to wait for my morning inspiration like the Catholics wait for the Pope. I didn’t know why. I often wondered how my simple 140 character tweet or Facebook post could make their day. How could me sharing a little light on a computer screen that illuminated throughout the entire world with words, become such a powerful force to reach others? What I didn’t know that I had a money making machine on my hands because I not only could inspire the world, but I could write a book of inspiration and share it with the world. And I did. My first book was written in 2012 just shy of a year from when I started using social media to allow my creative juices to have somewhere to flow. Even though my book of inspiration was sold at Barnes and Nobles, guess where I sold out first? Yep. Social Media. Ok. Ok. Let me get to the $15.00 part, I know you’re waiting.

So it was at the end of 2011 I was working for a major company providing legal work. I knew I was too creative for this position but I did not know how to replace my income. So I spent my eye awakening daylight moments working 9-5 and the rest of my night eye awakening moments structuring how I could gain clients, companies, artists, athletes that I seen online needing social media assistance. I knew some of these companies needed assistance because times were changing from traditional advertising to social media and digital marketing. As I witnessed many companies that were once in the #1 position fall to #100 position all due to lack of social media, I began to pitch myself.

It was only a month later I was able to land my first client, which is a very prominent clothing line today. I was able to start their e-commerce online and allow them to gain the whole world with a click of a few social media buttons. So I got them out the way and went for my next client. The next client I thought would be another clothing line, but it ended up being a dealership. I created a proposal for them and showed them how I could allow assist them with selling x number of cars per month just from social media (well generate leads because it was up to them to sell). So they tried my services for 3 months and seen how important social media could change and would change your business. So that was out the way…ok…I promise I’m going to tell you how…just hold tight…

Ok so with my third client, which was a gospel artist, I ran his social media page and helped increased fans. This allowed the artist to focus on his music while still building his social media and engaging with his fans. Last but not least I took a leap of faith that I could replace my income from my 9-5 by having just these 3 clients and decided to turn this into a full time position. I went from making a steady 5-7k with my 9-5 to receiving contracts for $1500 here & there monthly with my own business.  Deep down inside I knew I possessed a gift and would eventually replace my 9-5 income even with none of my college degrees in marketing(yikes).

I decided to go full time with my company and the first thing I needed to do was invest in getting a business license. I called my local secretary of state and asked what I needed to do. The administrator on the other end says, “come down to our office, fill out your paperwork and pay $15.00 to get your business license.” I held the phone on the other end and said, “that’s it?” She said, “yes ma’am but you don’t have to do that until you’ve made over 3k with your company.” I said, “well I’m on my way.” At that time I hadn’t made 3k yet but I knew with what I was feeling in my heart and in my spirit it was on the way. The next day I went and registered my company and it has been functioning and growing ever since. There were times when I only had $15.00 left because if I didn’t have clients that meant I had no income. But thru it all I am still thankful I invested that $15.00 in my business not knowing I was investing into my own life.
See the moral of this story is not that you can start a “cheap” business because being a CEO of a marketing firm does not equate to “cheap”. What this means is that you sometimes have to sacrifice what you’re used to and try what your heart is telling you to do. I knew starting a marketing company like any other business would take time, money, sweat, blood and tears. Yes it was a struggle but I still I often reminded myself what I did with less than $20.00 and each time it encouraged me to never give up. It hasn’t always been easy and there have been some down months but in the end I was averaging $10k-$15k monthly doubling my income from my previous employer.

So to those who are wanting to start your own business, look at what is needed, create a lane for yourself and invest in yourself! Cheer yourself on and say “I can do this as well” and I’ll be right beside you saying…”yes you can and yes WE will.”

Here’s some inspirational nuggets I want to leave you with today.

  • Understand the power you possess
  • Let go of the past that keeps you from moving forward
  • Create your business plan based on your vision
  • Go after your passion and purpose not to just for a profit
  • What you believe about yourself will come true
  • Plant a seed and watch it grow
  • Visualize your life daily and what you want to manifest, and see what happens. Create your life!

Thank you CEO for your encouraging words & lessons on faith & growth!