OK Ladies, Now Let’s Get In Formation: How To Slay Your Marketing, Beyonce Style

There are very few who do it like Beyonce.  She’s beautiful, rich, and a very saavy marketer.  Whether you love her or you hate her, there’s one thing that you can’t deny.  The girl is BAD.
With all the Superbowl craze and the Beyonce inspired memes and gifs, I thought that it would be a great time to take a look at how King Bey can teach Bosschicks how to elevate our marketing game and….
#SLAY your marketing like Yonce’!


yonce slay


#1 – Focus on building your Bey Hive!

The Bey Hive is no joke.  Mess with Beyonce and the Hive will attack.  That’s what I call brand loyalty.
Yonce’ is constantly engaging with her tribe and giving them the content that they want.  What content?  Let’s take a look
  • Memes
  • Videos
  • Songs
  • Videos
  • Super Bowl performances
  • World wide tours

Beyonce has mastered giving the Bey Hive what they want, EXACTLY how they want it.  Her fans go crazy over her social media posts and videos.  The internet went nuts over her half time show!

The only way that Mrs. Carter is able to create this type of content is by truly knowing who’s attention she wants to capture.  She knows where her tribe hangs out, what they read, and the types of things that they buy.  She has taken the time and spent the resources to cultivate and nurture the Bey Hive.

Have you nurtured your tribe lately?

#2 – Dominate your strategic social media platforms

Have you ever seen Beyonce market on Linkedin?  Why not?
Just like Beyonce, you have to know to find your customers and seek them out.  Linkedin’s users are typically those in corporate America and those looking to further their careers.  This isn’t a place where the Bey Hive members hang out.  Look for large groups of your ideal customers and find a way to get in front of them (example: the SuperBowl Half-time show).
Select 1-3 social media platforms that your ideal customers use and DOMINATE!  Beyonce gives each and every performance her very best.
Do You?

#3 – Walk in the room and #slay

 beyonce slay

No explanation needed.


If you’re ready to #slay your marketing and need some help getting started, I’d love to chat.  Schedule your complimetary Business Breakthrough Session today! >>>>> Schedule Now


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  1. As the owner, your job is to do business development. When you can, hire someone to take on some of your client/customer service. This will free you up to network and build your brand. Today, reach out to two people and send them thank you notes. Do the same tomorrow. When you’re ready, you should be contacting at least 5 people a day. Handwritten notes are better than emails, when possible. These are my business development activities for the next few weeks until I gain more solid leads and RFPs.

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