Steve Harvey was homeless before his big break. Here are some business ideas that require no money.

The 57-year-old actor, TV personality, and author told People Magazine that when he was just starting out as a comedian in the late 1980s, “one or two gigs fell through,” and he suddenly found himself homeless.

People reported that Harvey lived in his 1976 Ford Tempo for three years — he would wash up in hotel bathrooms, gas stations, or swimming pool showers — until he was called to appear on “Showtime at the Apollo.” Although Steve Harvey is a man, we decided to post the paragraph regardless to show you that circumstances can always change if you make an effort and have faith. Here is the article we were originally about to post, now that we have your attention—->

From $0 to Millions – Home Business Ideas For Womentrepreneurs That Need No Money

Are you a young woman ready to manage a household but also want to make a mark for yourself in this big wide world? Or are you a mom with two under two, looking for ways to bring in extra cash while staying in the confines of your safe haven?

And with each of you bringing in your unique scenarios, is shortage of cash at hand for investments is what keeps you all glued together? There could be many reasons for a strict budget but if there is one, you might be feeling a bit skeptical about being able to start up your own business.

Well, you very much can, this is how:

1-   Craftwork

If you have been the teen in high school who would sell personalized bookmarks to everyone, you’re in for a good job with two pre-teens at hand as well. You can make and sell those bookmarks with a twist and a little dash of creativity. Not only that but you can also bring up the flare for homemade artwork, paintings and create masterpieces from scratch with the everyday items you can find in your house or in the garage and you’re good to go.

2-   Earn through online surveys, etc.

The internet is replete with sites offering jobs to fill out survey forms, share links, visit sites, watch videos and provide relevant feedback. This and similar offers pay enough to have a good amount of cash in your pocket as extra sum to treat yourself with something special or to save. These sites also offer digital offers from time to time so you can sign up for more in future.

3-   Freelancing

You can freelance your services and there will be a lot of businesses interested in what you have to offer. While freelance writing jobs have gained quite a pace, freelance photographers, photojournalists, data entry, graphic designer, musician, tour guide, etc. You can very easily pick any job of your choice based on your hobby, experience, knowledge and convenience. Opting for projects is at your disposal too so you can work in accordance with the time you have and how well you can manage it.

4-   Babysitting

If you are a mom yourself and your kids have outgrown the phase where you have to watch them all the time, you’re good for babysitting sessions to keep hands full and earn you good money. This business could be started without cash since it is your space, time and care which is required. If as a teen you have earned pocket money by babysitting, you know it is not that in need for advertisement either, just word of mouth.

5-   Selling Old Items

Whether you have hoarded books, CDs of classical shows/ movies, reinvented rugs and cushions, etc. you can always sell it for a price you could set in accordance with the condition of the goods. Wooden furniture and household items, lamps, paintings and toys in good conditions often have good market.

Whether you’re planning on bulk buying yoga mats for the yoga/ aerobics classes you’re starting at your place as a business based on your skills, or knitting baby suits on your rocking chair, you can always start your business without cash and turn it into a hobby which you get paid for.