Team BAE: Deelishis Debuts New Lifestyle Brand for “Bosses And Entrepreneurs”

Deelishis recently launched a new clothing line and lifestyle brand, for Bosses and Entrepreneurs, or BAE for short. We’ve been seeing her #TeamBAE✨ movement promoted on social media a lot lately, and were ecstatic to find out that the acronym BAE is all about the support and empowerment young entrepreneurs.

During a recent interview Deelishis was asked if she had any advice for up and coming entrepreneurs who may be discouraged about starting their own business. Deelishis had this to say:

I’d say, go for it! If you have an idea, go for it. There is nothing that you can’t do. That’s the one thing about the United States, we always speak about freedom, so we need to utilize it.

I just started my own clothing line called Bosses and Entrepreneurs. It won’t just stop at t-shirts, it won’t just stop at hats. Just things that we’re interested in, things that we like, I’d like to put the brand on it. Bosses and Entrepreneurs (BAE).

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Deelishis went on to talk about BAE’s involvement in the community,

We have a women’s empowerment event that we’re going to be doing soon. We want all the women to come out, but instead of buying a ticket, we just ask that you bring a young person with you. So that they can benefit from the event as well. We’ll be speaking on how to be strong, how to be confident, and another thing that’s important is how to be sexy.

Deelishis says there is so much more that will come along with her new #TeamBAE movement. In the meantime, check out a few of the items from BAE, Bosses and Entrepreneurs apparel below

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