Team USA First Nation To Win All Three Medals in Women’s 100-meter hurdles

The USA has swept an entire category during the Rio Olympics. The USA became the first nation in Olympic history to win all three medals in the women’s 100-meter hurdles.

Brianna Rollins won the gold, Nia Ali the silver and Kristi Castlin, won the bronze Wednesday night.

Each of the women had something positive and encouraging to say.

“It’s like a sisterhood,” said Rollins. I’m so grateful and blessed that we were able to accomplish this together.”

“You could pretty much equate us to a Dream Team,” Castlin said after the trials.
“I really couldn’t breathe for one second,” Castlin said. “My thing was not so much a bronze for myself but really just upholding the team. We came into this together. Track and field, a lot of times athletes go into it as individuals. But we had a different perspective. We came into it as a team, for girl power, for USA. So we were able to do the first sweep in U.S. women’s history. It feels good to be a history-maker.”

The sweep was the 61st in U.S. Olympic track and field history going back to 1896. It was also the first for Team USA on the women’s side in track and field.

We are proud! Team USA!