The $100 Start Up Plan for Bosschicks

the $100 start up


As you know, it’s officially trap season.  Time to focus your mind on your money.
I hear from women each week who desperately want to start a business, but are low on dinero.  Here, my dear, is a $100 start up plan for bosschicks who are high are on ambition, but low on cash!

Here are the 5 items included in the $100 Start Up Plan.


A domain name – A domain name is the (or .us, .co, etc.)  I’ve used Godaddy for years.  They have great customer service and there are tons of coupon codes out there to get your domain for less than $2 for the first year of service (you’re welcome). – $2


A hosting account – A hosting account is the folder in the sky that holds all of the text, images, links, and information that your website includes.  Once again, Godaddy is the only host that I’ve used. – $7 per month


An Email marketing platform- This is the online software that you’ll use in your business to collect email addresses and communicate with all of your potential customers at one time.  Email marketing platforms also allow you to track the number of people who open your emails, click links, and make purchases based on your emails.  I LOVE Convertkit!  The cost is $25 to start, and gives you tons of features that are hard to beat!


Online scheduler – If you’re a coach, consultant, or service owner, you’ll need an online scheduler.  This will give you the ability to book consultations with people interested in working with you 24/7! – $19


Training – I saved the best for last.  Plug into quality training, support, and accountability.  This alone can double or triple your income potential, easily.  There’s no substitute for investing in yourself.  No number of free webinars and PDFs can replace the support of a mentor with a proven track record and a community that holds you accountable for your plans.  If you’re looking for a community and quality training to help take you from idea to your consistent sales, check out the Fearless Biz Academy, and test drive the community for $1.
The Fearless Biz Academy


 A Payment Processor – Paypal account – free
What do you do with all these pieces?
Step 1.  Plug into quality training that helps you get clear about your products, positioning, and profit plan.
Step 2. Set up a simple website that converts visitors into leads and potential clients (or buyers).
Step 3. Use your online scheduler to book consultations (for higher ticket items) with people interested and sell them your services.  – For coaches/consultats/service providers

Step 4. Processes payments via paypal.

Ready to get started??  Download the $100 Start Up Notes Here!
The $100 Start Up Plan