The Alpha Female and the Men Who (think they) Love Her

There’s something about the alpha female that will leave a lot of men at a loss because they just can’t figure her out. Some men are captivated by the idea of having an independent, free spirited, passionate woman but they have no idea of how to get her.

Teneice Bowie recently penned The Alpha Female and the Men Who (think they) Love Her  to offer a simple analogy of sorts to explain how this happens. Picture this:

Trip #1: There’s this guy who’s been eyeing a designer item that he really can’t afford, so instead of strategizing to get it at it’s current price tag and honoring it’s top self worth, he keeps visiting the store seeing if it’s been discounted. When the sales associate asks if he needs anything he replies “Oh, just browsing”, then mulls around the store to see if there’s something that closely resembles the item that he really wants at a cheaper price.

Trip #2:  He comes back to the store and the item still isn’t on sale so he starts to critique the item as a means to trick his self out of wanting it.  “It’s not worth it”, “It’ll be out of style soon”, “I can find this cheaper”.

Trip #3:  He ends up at a completely different store.  You see, he wanted Gucci but now he’s at Zara, waiting in line… because he gave up and settled.  He’s happy, he saved $400, he’s satisfied…but is he really?  Nope, he’ll eventually start window shopping at Gucci again or finally save up and walk out with the coveted brown and gold bag.

Teneice says this is true of consumer science as well as relationships, and we agree. This is what men do to Alpha-No-BS-Taking-Non-Easy-Women all the time. “They like the idea of us but not the work it takes to get and maintain us, so they settle and find themselves poking around time after time to see if we’ve lowered our standards, become less demanding, shifted our needs to align with their capabilities or maybe just got desperate enough to settle right along with their asses.”

What’s odd is that these women generally represent all the things that men claim they desire in “the perfect woman”.  An independent, thrilling and soul stirring Boss Chick.  Yet, we’re told we’re difficult, too much work and a slew of other little catch phases to get us to lower our price tag.

To the Alpha woman: wait for your match, the man (or woman) who sees your sprit and raises your evolution.

To the man in this scenario: leave her alone or put in the work.

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The Alpha Female and the Men Who (think they) Love Her

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  1. Very, I especially like the one of the #1 flaw in a partner. It’s true and most people self included don’t view as a “flaw” . When your not able to apologize says alot about a person as well as what they maybe capable of…Very interesting as well as insightful.

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