The Power Of A Woman

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The power of a Woman

Since the beginning of time woman have always had the role of standing beside and holding up great men. And sometimes never getting any credit! They held down kingdoms and gave birth to kings and queens! We (women) ARE the same today! Queens in our own right! We are the beautiful, strong instruments used to bring LIFE into this world. Life is created within us! And we have the great privilege of giving birth to a precious light that could possibly light up a dark world! That’s POWER! Different situations occur in our lives that may have dimmed our light and made it hard to embrace the power within us! And in some cases maybe nobody told you about the power you possess. But today beautiful, powerful, determined women I’m here to tell you that YOU are POWERFUL. You were put here on earth with a purpose. No matter what comes your way realize your power! Look at yourself and say “I AM POWERFUL” think about moments that you thought you couldn’t do or make it out of something and you did! embrace that moment of power! And use that power again to change your situation and in return your life WILL change forever!
I can remember the day I went into labor and I was so nervous to the point my whole body began to shake! Then I closed my eyes and spoke these words “I am woman, I was made for this, I’m strong enough to endure this, it’s what I was created to do..” And once I realized my power and hurt but I wasn’t scared I went at it with all my might..and changed my own mind so I could tackle this moment like a real champ!
It’s in the toughest situations that our strength is tested. And once we pass that test were made stronger! Realize your power, embrace your power, and use your power.
Today I encourage you to go forth in greatness. Walk with a grace that attracts people to you so you can share your story and help them get to that place.
Remember that “greater is he that is in you, than he that’s in the world!”
Everything you dream, desire, aspire IS YOURS! Remove doubt and negativity today! GO GET IT! #IamWOMAN