TLC Asks Fans To Help Fund Their New Album Using Kickstarter

R&B Group TLC is bidding the music studios adieu with a farewell album, and to make their farewell more sweet than bitter, TLC has decided to give fans the option to be a part of the album-making magic. It’s been a while since R&B group TLC has released a studio album. The group emerged as a trio, and now will finalize their musical ventures as a duo, without late group member Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez.Remaining members Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins will soon debut their fifth and final album with the help of a “Kickstarter’ fundraiser online. “This final album will be the first studio album by the two of us. Lisa’s spirit will always be present in our music. That will never change.” The duo released the news via the “Kickstarter” website as a crowd funding venture.

Fans can have their hand in the making of the album by collectively pledging to donate a total of $150,000 by February 19. The funds will go toward production. “You guys will be financing our last TLC album. How cool is that?” Reportedly, fans raised $65,000 in just the first day and over $200,000 to date with nearly 1000 backers. Pledging a donation comes with a wide range of rewards depending on the amount donated.

Will you be funding TLC’s final album? View the ladies’ “Kickstarter” campaign and become a part of TLC’s final album by clicking here: