Track Your Improvement With A ‘Personal Inventory’! (6 Things To Know)

6 Things To Ask Yourself When Taking Personal Inventory1. Where are You in Life? There is a great difference between where you are and where you would like to be. Take a look into your current life and determine where you are in reference to where you desire to be. How long have you been in your current lifestyle? Are there any changes that need to be made? Awareness is the key to life changes.

2. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses. Did you know that most women aren’t even aware of their own strengths and weaknesses? Evaluating this part of yourself simply means noting what you are good and not so good with. Take a step back and determine what comes effortlessly to you versus what is a major struggle for you. Bringing these things to your attention can teach you what things to get involved in and what you may need to further work on.

3. Examine Your Personality. What can you say about your personality? Personality plays a major role in how you interact with others and how successful you will be. Understanding your own personality isn’t a tool to alter yourself for the sake of others and success, but a tool to embrace certain parts of yourself so that you will connect with the right people and choose ventures that you will ultimately be successful in.

4. What Have You Accomplished? We never really take enough time out to consider where we have been and what we have gotten accomplished. Take inventory of your accomplishments by listing out all thin, both big and small, that you have succeeded. This will remind you of what you are capable of and encourage you to strive for more.

5. What is the State of Your Social Life? Let’s face it, our social life is of major importance and is a great influence. It is often said that any person will be just as the five closest people in their immediate circle. Does your social life have substance? Are your friends and associates valuable?

6. What Improvements Have Been Made? Everyday is an opportunity for even the smallest bit of improvement. Whether we know it or not, there is always something to improve in our lives. Have you improved your habits, your appearance, or anything around you?