Tressa Smallwood shares Success Tips for the Serial Entrepreneur

Executive producer, publisher and entrepreneur Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood recently sat down with RollingOut magazine to discuss her latest film Secrets and her recent transition from books to movies.

Tressa is a true example of a boss chick. She currently runs 7 successful businesses, including Life Changing Books, Mega Mind Media and The Best Sellers Project, but how does she do it? Check out a few of the highlights from the interview below:

Running a business is a lot of work for any entrepreneur, imagine running seven. When asked what separates herself apart from others Tressa says hard work, budgeting, time management, prayer, daily affirmations, and running her companies like a family are all major keys to her success.

I run all of seven of my companies like a family. I think it’s that “close knit”, “I got your back” type of environment that keeps the best of the best in the industry wanting to be on my team. 

Work Ethic – “Most [people] think executive producers do not do any hard work. I’m here to tell you, I, @CEOAZAREL, work extremely hard. I am responsible for budgeting, submitting my projects to SAG [Screen Actors Guild]; and I oversee my producers on every project.”

Budgeting – “The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach has changed my life. I used to spend money wildly in my 20s until I learned to contribute automatic payments toward my future. I was able to save over $100K within four years after learning this principle.”

Prayer and Affirmations – “Learning to pray before you do things, before you find yourself in trouble, or before things spiral out of control is an amazing skill to have. Affirmations get me through each and everyday as well. My two favorites affirmations are, “Be fearless and watch every goal you work for manifests its way to you.” and “Invest in yourself daily…it will soon pay off.”

Time Management – “I utilize apps to schedule my consultation clients and of course as a writer, I have all sorts of devices on deck at all times.”

Inspiration – “My dreams are huge so to reach them I must stay self-motivated. Also, my vision board and the constant written goals and reminders I put in place for myself keep me inspired.”

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