Turn Your 9 to 5 Into A “5 to 9” To Maximize Your Work Day, Start A New Business & More!

Yes you can still work a 9 to 5 without neglecting your business goals, self-care, health, and prayer life. As an entrepreneur, it’s ok to “sell some of your time” to a corporation but always remember… YOU COME FIRST!

I made this schedule for the girl who insists that she doesn’t have enough time in her day to start her own business while working a 9 to 5. I challenge her to wake up at 5:00 a.m. every morning and make the most of every minute before she starts her day job.

Take the “5 to 9 challenge” this week and TAG a friend to motivate her to do the same! #5to9challenge

5:00 am – Wake up / Pray / Meditate

5:30 am – Shower / Self Care

6:00 am – Eat Breakfast / Prep Lunch

6:30 am – Work On Your Business Goals  (2 hrs)

8:30 am – Commute To Work

9:00 am – Start Your Work Day (9-5)

12 Noon – Work On Your Business Goals (1 hr) On Your Break (Don’t Forget To Eat!)

5:00 pm – Clock Out / Commute Home

5:30 pm – Exercise / Shower / Self Care

6:30 pm – Prep / Eat Dinner

7:30 pm – Work On Your Business Goals (2 hrs)

9:30 pm – Rest, Pray and Repeat

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