Walmart Now Carries Brazilian Hair Bundles, Wigs and Weave Closures … What Does This Mean For The Small Business Owner?


Walmart recently added Brazilian body wave bundles, closures and wigs to their product selection. The multinational retail corporation promises top quality 100-percent unprocessed Brazilian virgin remy hair with intact cuticles for a natural look. The woman who spends $600 on her best wigs wouldn’t normally shop at Walmart for her inches, but now that Wally world carries the same Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Remy Human Hair Wigs ($599) she may just consider it. There’s only one problem:

If the customer can find the same great quality hair weave extensions with the promise of Walmart’s competitive pricing and easy returns this is definitely a major win for the consumer, however it’s a major loss for the small business owner. Over the past 5 years we have seen a rise of first time entrepreneurs making a killing purchasing virgin and brazilian hair wholesale and reselling it online, opening weave bars, hairtiques, etc. With the help of instagram and other social media outlets that make it easy to reach the consumer directly (and advertise for free), business has definitely been good for “the bundle lady”.  Until now.

From their  7-piece brazilian bundle sets to their remy virgin wigs, it’s quite apparent that Walmart chain stores are creating serious competition for hair extension business owners. Wally world wants in on the billion dollar hair weave industry… but will they get your business? Or will you still support your local weave connect? Sound off in the comments below.



  1. Walmart supports the cops who kill black people and now they are responding to our buying power. Imagine what would happen if we spent our money with black businesses, we might see a change in the racial biases of big business.

  2. If they are selling QUALITY hair, i don’t care if comes out the trunk of someone’s care – Just gimme my money’s worth. Walmart is a business, and a VERY SMART one at that, to even think about selling hair!!!

  3. Tagging all my friends with the bomb inches, lol … walmart now carries bundles, closures and wigs… what do you think about this?! Seriously… Samanthia Graham Sammie Sayz Candice Wimberly Arnita Johnson Jasmine Sari Whiting Sonya Wright Nakeisha Peak Miche Davy

  4. Nope! They. make enough money and pay their employees shit wages.I’ll just keep supporting my small black owned businesses!

  5. Listen I need someone to buy these “bundles” and call me over so I can run my fingers through it cus Walmart playing themselves. But u never know there have been plenty of times I needed hair on the late night after the beauty supply is closed…so this might work

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