Women Who Trade: Forex Trader Raghee Horner says “The Markets Don’t Care If I Have A Pretty Smile or Not.”

Why aren’t there more women in Forex?

Although women make up about 50 percent of the work force there are some industries that are still male dominated. The foreign exchange market, (forex, fx, or currency market) is one of them.
Forex is a market that pairs the currencies of two countries. Currencies can be bought, sold or traded. If a trader believes that the U.S. economy will continue to weaken, which is bad for the US dollar, then he or she would sell USD in exchange for a currency from a country where the economy is strong.
In a nutshell, Forex trading has a lot to do with a traders ability to make predictions about the economy. However there is more homework involved than guess work.
As with any type of investing, there are risks involved, but the profit can be very rewarding. Can you become a millionaire trading forex? It is possible, even with a small investment. For example, if you start small, say with just $5,000, and make 10% of your capital each month, after 5 years, you will indeed be a millionaire.
The Forex market is open 24 hours, and trading can be done online from the comfort of your own home. Traditionally, most trading markets have always been considered a boys club. But with the advancement of technology and the ability to trade online, who would even know the gender of the trader? Forex is a market that more women should consider tapping into. So why aren’t we?
In a recent interview with FXstreet.com, Raghee Horner, author of Forex Trading for Maximum Profits, shares her views on why women are just as valuable to the Forex “boys club” as men are.

I’ve never thought there was a major difference in the potential for men or women to succeed but we certainly have different tendencies. The markets don’t care if a man or woman is on the other end of the keyboard… the markets don’t care if I have a pretty smile or not… but I am smiling …a lot.

Raghee has a lot to smile about, however her 20+ year trading success didn’t happen overnight!

Raghee teaches charting basics and a step-by-step approach that anyone can follow and apply. She prides herself as an educator and doesn’t want to “impress” students with glossary and expensive tools. Her approach, like herself, is honest and direct. Often she is asked, “Why are so many traders attracted to your teachings?” She answers unflinchingly when she responds, “I’m not a trading diva.”

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