#1 Product Vision Statement

A well-written vision statement is a clear message that addresses who you are marketing your product to and what value your product creates or the problem it solves for your intended users. Having the ability to establish a vision statement for your product is a necessary skill in product design that indicates you are in-sync with the current and future needs of your target audience. Your product vision also provides focus to your investors and those responsible for its development. The ideal vision statement touches on the desired goal of your product at a very high-level and is flexible enough to evolve as the needs and behaviors of your users change.

#2 Product Roadmap

Forecasting and planning are also key skills Product Design experts should master. With the rapid change in technology and consumer behavior, the importance of being able to accurately predict and estimate the best time to launch your product iscritical to having an advantage over your competitors. A tool widely used to plan the development of digital products is the product roadmap. The product roadmap is a timeline illustration of when product features are expected to launch. Most digital products are planned over 12 months in quarterly increments, where the minimum viable product (MVP) is scheduled to be released as often as necessary. Effective planning to launch a new product is not based on consumer needs alone. What is technical feasible must also be taken into consideration.  With this said, developing a product roadmap is a highly collaborative exercise between the Product Design Team and Technical Teams who develop the products. 

#3 Prioritized Product Backlog

The prioritized product backlog is another powerful tool in product design. This tool is used to manage the entire lifecycle of your product, from ideation to delivery. The product backlog is organized based on the aspects of your product that will give your consumers the most immediate value. All product features within the backlog are connected to your product vision and are used to drive the updates made to your product roadmap. 

Learn More About the Key Roles that Drive Digital Product Design and Delivery 

The Product Owner is a recognized leader when developing digital products using the Agile Scrum framework.  This person has strategic ownership over the product vision, roadmap, and backlog. To learn more about the Agile Scrum framework and what it means to be a Product Owner, register for a free 3-day demo of our online Product Owner certification course by visiting https://www.altumsolutions.net/scrum-product-owner-certified-training


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