Don’t be the girl with the 800 credit score that totally neglects her business credit.

If you’re new to building businesses credit and don’t know where to start here are 5 quick tips from that will help you build an attractive business credit profile.

  1. Understand that establishing business credit requires more than just an EIN; however you will still need to obtain an EIN in order to get business credit.
  2. Be sure your business entity is completely separate from yourself. If you are a sole proprietor you may want to consider forming a LLC, S Corp or C Corp)
  3. Establish business accounts separate from your personal accounts. Use your business checking and savings for business transactions and NOT your personal checking or savings.
  4. Establish a Duns and Bradstreet Number – this is very similar to your EIN, and will also serve as something like a social security number for your business.
  5. Once all steps are complete apply for a secured business credit card (one of my fave places is Wells Fargo)  This will report to Duns and Bradstreet , Experian Business and Equifax Business)

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One thought on “5 Quick Tips To Establish A Beautiful Business Credit Profile

  1. Hello, thanks for the great information but I have a question so when I apply maybe like well Fargo. I will apply with my Duns and Bradstreet as my social and not my away right? Those number should be my like my social for the business?

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