Every Boss Chick I know has more than one stream of income. Having a plan B is almost necessary for today’s entrepreneur. Plus there are a number of ways where you can turn side projects to actually businesses. From having a proper plan and scaling, to taking time to recharge/make things just that bit easier with the use of a sample invoice template, having a side business may not be as hard as you initially thought. Just make sure you set up a comfortable environment at home, ideal for getting on with some work. This may mean sourcing appropriate furniture like a desk and chair. If you’re ready and raring to go with your next big venture, you can get office furniture online today that will put you in good stead to start working from home. So if this is what you want to do, go for it! Here are 7 great side hustles that are not only great ways to supplement your income, but also have the convenience of being home-based.

1. Travel Agent
Starting a home-based travel agency could be an ideal side job for you, especially if you love assisting people with their vacation plans. Home-based travel agencies have become more popular over the last century, and according to Yahoo Finance, you can potentially earn $100,000 or more a year. This can be the ideal side hustle for the right person, however, as with any business, it’s important to investigate the agency you sign up with because of the large amount of travel agency schemes that exist.

2. Cake Lady
If baking cakes is your niche, why not turn your talents into a profitable work from home side job? Events happen all year long; and most people celebrate their special day with cake! Social media can do wonders for your new cake decorating business so be sure to take photos of your treats and share them with friends on facebook and instagram to help spread the word about your new home-based business. Word of mouth is always a good source of advertising your new business as well, so are business cards! You can also sell your products online as there are many different speciality e-commerce platforms, just look at Wix compared to Shopify for example.

3. After School Tutor
From school aged children who are in need of one-on-one tutoring to college freshmen, you can easily gain clientele from all age groups as an after school tutor. There is always a high demand for well qualified tutors so why not turn your knowledge and ability to help others succeed into a profitable home-based side gig.

4. Niche Blogging
Blogging in general is a great way to make money online. However, a niche blog provides specialized content on a particular topic which is attractive to both readers and advertisers. Love fashion? Start a fashion blog as opposed to a fashion/gossip/music/fitness/advice blog. Advertisers are more likely to bid for a slot on a site that is niche-specific rather than a general blog. Hint: Do a little research before you commit to a specific niche. Some niche keywords pay as little as $1 cpm while others pay $10 cpm.

5. Event Planner
As mentioned before, there is always something to celebrate. Why not make money for planning a celebration for others. Consider becoming an event planner and turn your talents into a profitable home-based business. Here’s how to get started with building your clientele for your new event planning business. When a friend or family member is having a baby shower, wedding, birthday party, etc., offer to plan their event for a small fee. You’re just starting out so you’ll need to be able to show people what you can do before they will recommend your services to others.

6. Fund Raising Specialist
According to AOL Jobs, the salary range for at-home fundraisers is $30K to $50K a year. There are several churches, charities, and other non-profit organizations that are always looking for new ways to acquire more funding. Becoming a fundraiser is not only a profitable home-based job but it allows you to make extra money while working for a worthy cause.

7. Virtual Assistant
A virtual assistant does everything that an in-office assistant does, only virtually. Duties can include anything from answering phones, to scheduling appointments and replying to emails. This can be the perfect at home side hustle for the right person.

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