Boss Chick and entrepreneur Ronne Brown recently released a self-help book titled From Mopping Floors to Making Millions on Instagram: 5 Steps to Building an Online Brand This 128 page inspirational read also serves as a step by step guide for anyone looking for tips on how to monetize their Instagram account.

I was introduced to the book by a good friend of mine who shared a copy on her Instagram page. Not knowing Ronne’s story I told my friend how genius the title was for marketing purposes, a reach, but genius. She quickly corrected me saying “No girl! Ronne was really mopping floors! She was a janitor!” That made me want to read the book even more, I immediately purchased my copy on Amazon.

In the book you’ll find some helpful tips on how to turn your free instagram followers into dollars and make money on social media. As well as profiting on gaining Instagram followers, it’s useful looking into companies like link tree who create micro webpages to contain all your links for your bio. After reading Suevu’s review on the company, you might look for a link tree alternative depending on if it’s for you or not. Along with social media, there are so many other digital marketing routes to take, there are plenty of online resources that explain these such as this website which gives tips on SEO and website design for example.
She also shares some really great life gems for the female entrepreneur. Here are a 5 quotes that really stood out to me while reading.

One day you start believing in yourself, in being confident in yourself, and speaking affirmations over yourself. You’ll actually start believing you deserve success. You are going to see a transition in how people take to you, receive you, respect you, and how they align themselves with you.

What women have to realize is, the more people we teach who thrive, the more credible we become as entrepreneurs.

Look at what you love to do, what are you always doing, look around your house, and build your business around that.

Collaboration is how we grow our networks and credibility as business owners.

When you take those risks and things don’t work, it doesn’t mean that it is over. I want readers to know that it means they should go back to the beginning, start over, and come back again.

Ronne B. surely has a boss chick mindset and we would definitely recommend this book as one of our top reads. Order your copy below and come back to let us know what you think of the book in the comments.
From Mopping Floors to Making Millions on Instagram: 5 Steps to Building an Online Brand

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