“How do I get more people to engage with my social media posts?”

This is the main question I receive from my clients all of the time, and the simple answer is to be authentically you.  I realized this very early on in my business because I tried to be everybody but Deidra. However, when I started producing content that was true to myself that’s when I started to see an increase in engagement from like-minded followers.  One thing I had to do was stop acting like I was shy. There is not a shy bone in my body, but I allowed the thought of not being liked on Instagram deter me from being me. WRONG!! I realized that it is my duty to be myself and I know that there are other boss chicks who are thriving on social media because they are genuinely likable and relatable people.

In addition to just being yourself, you should also know that dominating social media requires strategy as well. Different social media strategies work for different audiences, but the main thing is to be consistent. Find what works for you and stick with it. To make sure your posts are seen by followers, you should learn how to schedule Instagram posts if you don’t know already. This means posts will be uploaded even when you’re not active on social media for whatever reason. For your followers, this is just a gentle reminder showing you’re still there.

Here are 3 social media strategies that have worked for growing my Instagram following, and if done correctly they will work for you as well:  

  1. Logo Branding: You will not see a piece of content that I produce without the logo The Task Associates on it.  Until I have a massive following level and probably thereafter, I will have my logo on all of my content.  Having pretty pictures is good but pretty pictures with your branding is even better. So, make sure your audience knows your content when you post a photo or a video. This will also help to grow your audience as well. When your content is shared across different social media platforms and around the web new followers will find you because of your watermark, tag or logo.
  2. Color/Font Themes: Viewing my page you will see a consistent theme of color and font themes on my page.  I toggle between 2-3 fonts and 3-4 colors for my brand. I realized early that I would be more efficient and effective by using this strategy.  After doing my own review on the people I followed, I geared to following people whose pages were well put together. Not so much through pretty pictures, but having a theme that was easily recognizable.  This was made so through the colors and fonts they used. 
  3. Your Page Should Be Niche Specific:  If nothing else irritates me more is to come across a post that I really like and then go to their page and the rest of their content is so off based compared to the post that appeared to me on the Explore page.  My message for my brand is to assist entrepreneurs, mainly women, with social media marketing tips and business motivation, and I specialize in creating social media content for the busy or less than creative boss.  You can’t be over here posting about what you ate yesterday and then today you’re talking about the watch that you’re selling. Save that for your IG stories and use those topics very minimal because you want to become an expert in your industry.  So if someone is wanting to buy a watch from you, they really could care less what you ate….I’m just saying.  

There are a plethora of tips for increasing your engagement and growing your following on Instagram. These should be the top three on your social media marketing strategy plan.  If you’re in need of more tips and tricks, make sure you follow me on IG @thetaskassociates .

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