Looking for business funding?

Many businesses never start, or end up closing their doors too soon due to lack of funding. This hurdle has ceased some of the greatest business known to man! So, how do you overcome this?

So many business owners tell you, they put up their home as collateral to get started, or they took out massive loans, so the business is already in debt. How do you prepare yourself to have a successful business without going into debt? What if you don’t own your home yet to risk it all? The simple answer, business grants.

I know, I know, what you’re going to say… Derricka, I’ve searched everywhere and I couldn’t find a grant for my business so where do I start? Well, here are my top 3 tips to secure business grants and where to locate them.

  1. As, a small business owner when is the last time you visited your local City Hall building. After receiving 2 proclamations I’ve visited the Mayor’s office to receive my accolade and learned about all the amazing opportunities available to small business owners! Grants, Support, media exposure and more! Many of this information wasn’t made aware of because we typically only look in certain places for the opportunity (i.e. the internet, if it’s not on the internet it must not exist right? WRONG!)
  2. Take your time on your business plan! This is what speaks for your business when you’re not in the room. No questions should be unanswered upon someone completing your entire business plan, from demographics, logistics, statistics, projected sales to the uniqueness of your business and more. A business plan is a powerful weapon! USE IT!
  3. FIX YOUR CREDIT! Even though you are NOT applying for a loan or business credit , your grant is still considered funding; and many entities want to know that YOU as the guarantor of the business can ” handle” the money they’re giving. So if you’re applying for $10,000 but your credit report says you still haven’t paid Tmobile back that $93 that you owe, this may cause you to miss that opportunity. The perception may be that you can’t manage money and cause them to move forward with another candidate who’s business plan was equally great and who’s financially able to handle a grant.

Hope this helps! For more information on how to secure business grants, write business plans and get business credit sign up for our Beautiful Business Webinar


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