Throughout my career in the IT field my earnings have increased by 1,078% (yes, I actually did the math!) I went from making $8.16 an hour to earning six figures a year! The financial increase that I have experienced throughout my 14-year career sometimes amazes me, but trust me, getting to this point was not easy.

As a black woman in Tech I’ve had to break through a number of barriers and shatter a number of glass ceilings. I was a teen mom, a 10th-grade high school dropout, and I do not come from a wealthy family. Later in my career I was able to receive my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree online while I worked full-time. I now have four college degrees (oh, I forgot to mention… I’m only 32!) but it was not until I acquired the Scrum Master certification in 2014 that I substantially increased my earning potential.

I am now a Certified Scrum Trainer through ScrumStudy and want to share two certifications that women like me are getting to give their careers in tech a boost!

Scrum Master 
Most professionals seeking to enter the IT field start their journey by obtaining the Scrum Master certification. On average, scrum masters earn $93k a year and have limitless opportunity to advance their career in all areas of IT. It’s no wonder Scrum Master professionals are replacing the traditional role of IT Project Managers. Their Servant Leadership style is bridging the gap between what consumers want and how technical teams deliver quality software products.

Product Owner
Product Owners are in high demand and earn an average salary of $117k. In software development, the Product Owner represents the people who invest in and use digital products. They work closely with technical teams and scrum masters to turn the vision of a product into tangible software applications.

Altum solutions is a woman-owned IT Consulting and Training Company Authorized by the global ACCREDITATION body ScrumStudy to deliver agile and Scrum certification training. Our two-day training classes are offered nationwide for those interested in obtaining Scrum Master and Product Owner certifications.

To learn more, visit us Altum Solutions

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