“I listed them at 2:30pm on Dec. 10th and sold out within hours. I made $136,221!” -Pascale Rowe / @MsBlingMiami

Back in December, Pascale Rowe, affectionately known by her followers as Ms. Bling, recently used her instagram platform to auction off some of her most beloved designer handbags. She has an excellent Instagram following. You might be able to replicate this if you use the services of kenji. This was a memorable moment in IG history, as members of the instagram fashion community watched beautiful Chanel purse candy float up and down our timeline, and sell out within minutes! Some classic pieces, some limited edition, all 30 designer bags sold for almost retail price. We knew @MsBlingMiami made a pretty penny that day. But we had no idea she made over $100,000. Enough to purchase and renovate a duplex home! Of course this requires a fairly substantial following to be successful, which is where someone like upleap.com can help you. Unfortunately Chanel purses aren’t included.

Ms. Bling took to Instagram to share with her many followers, which you could replicate if you check out Buzzoid, the following update:

Do you remember when I announced on December 9th I had an epiphany to sell my Chanel bag collection? It’s my favorite brand and after acquiring a collection of over 200K in bags… it wasn’t so exciting anymore. It was just stuff. To God be the glory my business is growing exponentially. However, I want to be a better steward of my money and add passive income to my portfolio. Instead of using my money to buy a duplex, I decided to sell 30 of 38 bags. I listed them at 2:30pm on December 10th. I was sold out within hours and made $136,221. With tears in my eyes I thanked God for this blessing. On January 11th I closed on a property and began renovations immediately. It’s amazing what happens when you quiet the noise and listen to God. He told me to release those bags, have faith and secure an even bigger one! I don’t care so much about having all that drip and those brands as I did in the past. Having my name on titles and deeds… is my new bag! #ThankYouJesus

She gets it! Ms. Bling is one smart boss chick for sure!

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For those who know me and have been following me, you know how much I loveeee CHANEL. You may be asking yourself: Is she ok? Is she going through something? Glory be to God I’m in the best space of my life mentally, spiritually and financially. Purchasing these bags used to give me a rush, a high that only another bag connoisseur can understand. I’m not proud to admit that I have amassed a collection worth over 200K?? That’s what I spent on 38 bags ( “not” counting my CHANEL sneaker, belt and brooch collections)…you do the math?. Enough is enough and I’m letting go of anything in my life which no longer serves me. I rather put the money back into my business and earn passive income from a rental property. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still shop and I still like my designer bags, I just love what God is doing in my life MORE! Therefore, Monday 12/10 at 12:00pm EST. you’ll be able to purchase my collection at a discounted price on my website www.msblingbling.com. My collection is in pristine condition. Please keep in mind I worked hard and purchased my bags righteously. This isn’t a giveaway or a come up for me. Therefore, you can expect discounted prices of 25-30% off the original price. Most of these bags were $5500ea and are collectors pieces, sold out everywhere. All items will include, dust bag, original box and proof of purchase/receipt. May my epiphany and change of direction be your good fortune! God bless you.-Ms. Bling? ???

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Ms. Bling Miami – Property Over Purses
@MsBlingMiami – Property Over Purses

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